Recycle the present, save the future

This is a site dedicated to a sustainable Sonoma and a sustainable World. It originated with Melody Montero suggesting we needed to provide people with information on recycling and reusing materials to prevent waste disposal.

Melody happens to be the wife of Tom Boylan, the founder of the Boylan Point Agency. Prior to her entering the world of Real Estate, she worked as a recycling coordinator for a Northern California refuse company. While working at converting waste makers into recyclers she thought of The Virtual Dump. The site was created and has been updated and refreshed by the Boylan Point Agency to keep the subject relevant.

We urge you to share the link with others who would rather recycle for a cleaner future for generations to come. If you have an idea to improve this site, we would love to hear it. If you have a link you would like to add to the site, please contact us.


Reducing, reusing, and recycling are all great ways to help the earth. Check out our links below for tips on how you can help better our planet.

Our Sponsors

You can help improve your community and make an environmental impact by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Check out some of these local environmental organizations for learning, volunteering, and more!

  • Pepperwood Preserve

    Pepperwood’s 3,200-acre preserve serves as a home for over 900 species of plants and animals and serves as a core location for local biodiversity. As a leader in ecosystem-climate research, Pepperwood also provides environmental educational opportunities for all ages to encourage a conservation in the North Bay.

  • Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

    Founded in 1989, the Laguna Foundation is a place-based organization focused on the Laguna de Santa Rosa and the surrounding Sonoma wetland communities. With a mission focused on restoration, conservation, and environmental mitigation efforts, the Laguna also provides learning and volunteering opportunities, including internships and stewardship programs.

  • Project Learning Tree

    “Project Learning Tree® (PLT) is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators, parents, and community leaders working with youth from preschool through grade 12”

  • Zero Waste Sonoma: For Kids

    Zero Waste Sonoma For Kids educates not only kids about environmental science but offers an assortment of apps and video games related to the environment to keep kids occupied and engaged.


Melody Montero

“I spent a few years as a commercial recycler working for a Northern California refuse company and it opened my eyes to how great a problem we face when it comes to our overflowing landfills. This was my inspiration for creating a site where you can find out how to do your part toward recycling and reusing the Earth’s valuable resources.

This site is a labor of love and affords me no financial return. Just knowing that you have been here and that you found information on how to help reclaim our world is riches enough.

I’m always looking for fresh information and welcome any opportunities to share links with other relevant sites. The links provided are here for informational purposes only and are not necessarily endorsed by myself. Any interaction with the linked sites is up to you.”

Melody Montero
A concerned grandmother

We are a marketing and web development company in Northern California that is dedicated to helping people who can do good things for the world. If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us.

It is a pleasure to report that this website was recycled and nothing went into the trash.